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Bucknell University Exhibition


Stockton University Exhibition

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My work explores themes related to my background.  My grandparents immigrated to Vietnam from China during WWII and my family and I lived in Vietnam until I was twelve.  Though we translated our name from Chinese to Vietnamese and assimilated in some ways, we still had a different language and customs.  There I was considered Chinese.  China was my homeland. 
After immigrating to the United States this identity came into question.  In this new context my connections to China were less relevant:  I was from Vietnam, with a Vietnamese name; I spoke the language.  To Americans I was Vietnamese.  
Now I have lived in the United States much longer than I have lived in Vietnam.  I have assimilated to this culture to the extent that when I visit Vietnam, I no longer feel that it is my home.  I consider myself Chinese Vietnamese American.  I have aspects of all three cultures, yet in between them all.  In my art I explore identity, home, keeping traditions, Buddhism, change, and the dichotomy between East and West.

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